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Speaker | Consultant | Trends Researcher | Futurist

Since early in my career, I have driven the adoption of progressive ideas to impact the whole community. I did that in the first Dotcom boom where I lead the London office of one of Europe’s best agencies. I also pioneered the use of digital video at a scrappy start-up a few years before YouTube. I am best known for the establishing the progressive think-tank PSFK.

Along the way, I have spoken at major industry conventions, at corporate retreats and to students and young people.

Today, I continue to give talks, I support the companies I own and advise, plus I provide a mix of services to help businesses deliver progress.

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I present my research on the future in an engaging and actionable way. I’m confident and compelling whether I’m on stage at a large conventions like NRF or CES, at off-sites with senior execs at Nike or Google, or in one-on-one briefings with CEOs.


Refined over the 15 years of running one of the most progressive advisory businesses, I have a unique but methodological approach to helping companies leverage trends to develop better products, services, retail and customer experiences.


I identify and manage partners that can develop ideas further and activate specific strategies.

With an extensive network of experts, I connect the right people with companies through advisory, contract or full time positions. 

I’m also keen to bring my knowledge and expertise to communities that don’t have access to the knowledge or expertise that I experience in my day to day. I’m available for school talks, lectures and other efforts to help broaden the opportunities of young and disadvantaged people.


New York

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